Basic Introduction to Hiking shoes
Nov 08, 2018

Hiking shoes are sneakers designed according to the special requirements of the hiking program and consist mainly of three parts, the upper (Upper), insoles (midsole), and the outsole/sole (outsole). The upper is made up of upper and lining. The upper is generally made of leather, nylon, or leather nylon. The lining is generally made of artificial or soft skin, and some shoes are accompanied by a layer of cushions to improve warmth and comfort. Despite the increasing excellence of artificial materials, the upper is the best of the whole skin (fullgrainleather). A good pair of shoes is usually made from a whole piece of skin (except for the heel and the tongue of the shoe), so that the shoe can maintain a better shape after a period of time. The inner bottom mainly acts as a buffer and comfort, generally composed of synthetic materials, and has a special ergonomic design. The soles of the shoes mainly play anti-skid effect, but also requires a certain degree of durability. In addition to the tattoo design, the use of materials is also very important in this regard. The most common is the sole of the use of Vibram professional rubber.

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