Good shoe features
Nov 08, 2018

Outdoor shoes Whether it is mountaineering shoes or hiking shoes, there is a similar principle is the toe stretched to the front end, the heel left a finger wide distance is appropriate, this is in the physical store when testing shoes when the constant standard, why outdoor shoes to leave room can not buy put on just good? Because the foot in the movement will be a little longer with the sports meeting, many friends wear ordinary shoes can not be found, and people outdoor shoes design in consideration of the downhill when the shock absorber, So the tip of the shoe is generally not on the ground. So there's a little change in the foot, wear outdoor shoes can feel, because the foot expansion after the shoe head will top to the toe, and outdoor shoes shoe head has anti-kick protection general texture is hard, toe top to the shoe head will feel very painful, which is why the purchase of outdoor shoes for a large number of yards. But when online shopping, many friends have no shoes to try directly, some because Shoe numbers are not suitable, call back is a lot of buyers headache, in fact, outdoor shoes to buy when asked the shopkeeper is the Chinese version or the European version of the general purchase than usually wear a large number of yards absolutely no problem, the European version can buy and usually the same size, so that the choice is not wrong premise is that the number of yards provided by the buyer must be accurate.

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