How to choose a belt
Nov 08, 2018

Wide Plate Belt

Personality: rough temperament, with a certain degree of aggression, in the process of conquest with some kind of neutral sexy. Corresponding Constellation: Ideal for combination with trousers.

such as skinny jeans or shiny trousers, the top suggests tight contours, and in order to maintain balance you can choose popular fur costumes or short jackets. Focus: Wide plate belt for the top requirements of the more strict, if you are very confident, but always deal with the relationship between you and wide belt, then, you may wish to check the choice of your coat: whether the length of the top is moderate, whether it is too long, if the length of the top is just to the crotch, it is easy to give the impression

You can choose a shorter top, and if you use the H-type medium-length coat, the length of the coat to the thigh 1/2, you can best show your graceful posture.

Winding Belt

Personality: A layer of winding, inadvertently bring out the taste of gentle women, this kind of belt is not very exaggerated and very fashionable. Corresponding constellation: Slightly implicit expression, more suitable for quiet youth and professional women.

The style of moderation, so that women grasp the popular at the same time, but also to maintain the unique atmosphere of the office, a little less aggressive feeling. Heart Focus: Leather led the shape as far as possible not too ostentatious design, elegant styling easier to create the desired effect

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