How to use hiking shoes
Nov 08, 2018

Brand-new shoes are not suitable for long journeys. It is best to wear them for two weeks before departure, and there should be spare items. In the rugged, steep, inaccessible scenic spots of the mountain road, a pair of reliable and comfortable hiking shoes will be of great help, especially during the rainy season, which is rainy all day long.

As for shoelaces, sometimes shoelaces Ison do also bring a lot of trouble, but the solution is also very simple, just use a rubber band to tie a bit on it. In addition, in the maintenance of as far as possible do not use dry shoe device, dry shoe cleaning will make leather shoes deformation, especially in winter, it is best to dry naturally, can not be placed in the windowsill for a long time to let the sun exposure, will also deform! Do not wear a pair of shoes all the time, or have to change the shoes, no good shoes, wear every day will also be bad! When cleaning with a soft brush or toothbrush, with detergent do not use washing powder!

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