Purchase of baby Hats
Nov 08, 2018

Must be equipped with a wide-brimmed hat, when traveling, with such a wide-brimmed hat, you can block the sun directly to the baby's face.

Try to find the kind of hat that can tie under the chin, rather than a stretch strap around your neck, the baby will feel uncomfortable and not safe.

When you're shopping for your baby to buy a summer hat, choose a hat that's good breathability.

Make sure that the fabric made into the hat feels soft, rather than rough, and can make the skin itchy or even painful material. When buying a baby hat, it is best to take the baby also, at any time let him try to wear, to see how the effect, not good-looking, whether appropriate.

After the baby tries to wear, you have to make sure that the hat is just right for the baby's head, not too loose or too tight, do not let the hat too tight, in order to dispense with the hat, will leave a mark on the baby's head. According to the different seasons, choose a different color and style of the hat. Dark colors absorb light to increase warmth, light color can reflect light to increase the sense of cool. In this way in winter should choose a good warm, can cover the ears of the dark wool child hat, summer should choose a cool light color cool hat.

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