Styling features of hiking shoes
Nov 08, 2018

Lines The line characteristics of hiking shoes are: complex lines, various forms. There are single-wire, double-line, fake line, clear line, dotted line, contour, prism, stitching, decorative lines, etc., can be used in a pair of shoes at the same time, not clinging to one.

Mostly arc-based, a small line ratio is less.

Color The color of a hiking shoe is determined by the light reflected by the material it uses itself.

Foot shoe design using color collocation not only reflects the design style, design trend, but also can make the movement of the visibility, entertainment greatly improved, while reflecting the movement itself lively, dynamic and bright characteristics.

The color of hiking shoes and leather shoes, rubber shoes, compared with the color use of large, wide range, complex color collocation, visual experience of the characteristics, mainly manifested in the following aspects. 

(1) The use of color in the foot upper surface material the color of the foot upper surface material is more comfortable than leather shoes, rich and diversified.

Decorative colors not only include common colors, but also a large number of use of metal color, laser lasers, flash and so on. 

(2) color on the foot soles of the use of leather shoes, rubber shoes of the large bottom color is mostly monochrome or double color, hiking shoes on the big bottom is 3-5 colors. Color selection range is large, color brightness, high purity.

Color collocation is not too limited, can be a pure color, but also a variety of color combinations, especially some in leather shoes, rubber shoes are difficult to see the color, in the use of sports shoes frequently, especially eye-catching, so that it is full of vitality and vitality. 

(3) Foot shoes packaging and publicity color of the foot shoes are full of sports characteristics of the product, the movement itself is the pursuit of human life goals, so this product has the characteristics of receiving and encouraging people to move. General hiking shoes are very focused on the product outside and advertising color flexible and diverse, highlighting the characteristics of hiking shoes and time-along sense, in order to stimulate consumers to buy the desire.

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