The difference between hiking shoes and others
Nov 08, 2018

The difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes, hiking shoes are generally low-help. Because hiking shoes are dedicated to taking some good road conditions and have to walk for a long time, so the protection provided by the soles of hiking shoes is to protect the feet of sweat breathable effect is super good, which is also hiking shoes can be used as an important reason for urban leisure wear.

and mountaineering shoes are high waist, it is to protect the ankle in the uneven road conditions from sprain, more importantly, the shoes of mountaineering shoes geologically harder, so when hiking must be changed into hiking shoes, can not be replaced with mountaineering shoes, otherwise the soles of the feet will be blisters. Mountaineering shoes, the big bottom of the shoes are generally anti-thorn anti-stick, the midsole will generally be designed as damping materials, so in the uneven road conditions of mountaineering shoes is your best choice! So there are hiking activities on foot must not be afraid of trouble, be sure to bring hiking shoes and hiking shoes.

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