Buying Tips For Dresses
Nov 08, 2018

1.Select a

Before choosing a dress, you must determine the season, exact time, location and style of the wedding. Dresses should be aligned with the style of the wedding.

If your wedding is a very stylish wedding, you can choose to walk in the front end of the fashion dress, if it is a traditional ritual, choose a classical and grand dress must be right; if you have a wedding in the country or in the garden, dress to choose a brisk and lively style suitable for outdoor wear.

2. Do your homework

Collect some pictures of your favorite dresses in advance and mark them with details such as your favorite style and plate type, especially the neckline and waist line.

When you communicate with a dress counselor or designer, remember to bring your picture so that it can help you express your ideas and opinions more clearly.

3. Make a good budget

Dresses and other accessories on the cost, generally accounted for the wedding costs of the 6-15% is appropriate. If the budget is more generous, you can customize a dress that suits your heart best.

Of course, renting a wedding dress shop or studio is also a good way to save a lot of money.

4. Select a location

Wedding dress shop and studio A family attached to a family, where to find your dream neon? Generally speaking, large professional wedding dress shop in the dress style complete, the designer's experience, the production quality is also reliable.

You can also listen to the views of friends and colleagues who have been hosting weddings not long ago, and choose 2-3 of the places they recommend.

5. Ensure time

If you need to customize the dress, it is best to start picking a year in advance, the shortest is not less than 9 months, so that the time will be more abundant. Because it takes about 4 months to design a wedding dress, and it's best to reach your hands 2 months before the wedding, so it's easy to modify the nuances.

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