Dress Categories
Nov 08, 2018

Evening Dresses Produced in Western social events, in the evening of formal gatherings, ceremonies, ceremonies wearing etiquette clothing. Skirt long and instep, fabric pursuit of elegant, good vertical feeling, color to black the most grand. Evening dresses of different styles, Western-style long dress topless, showing the charm of women. Chinese evening dress is noble and elegant, shaping the unique oriental charm, as well as the fashion new style.

Dress paired with evening dress suitable for elegant and luxurious, exaggerated shape, highlighting the characteristics of women

Small dresses It is a ceremonial costume for formal gatherings, ceremonies, and ceremonies at evening or daytime cocktail parties. The skirt grows up and down 5cm on the knee and is suitable for young women to wear. Dress with small dress suitable for the choice of simple, smooth style, focusing on the style of clothing performance.

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