How To Choose A Dress
Nov 08, 2018

Tall and slender to wear any style is good.

And the petite person should avoid the skirt, choose the simple line style is appropriate, preferably a-linea or high waist design dress, can lengthen the leg line. People with more plump body, should wear low-chested or open-back style, in addition to showing the advantages of chest fullness, but also can stretch the neck lines.

In addition, you can try a long-sleeved dress, or add a shawl, to cover up the slightly thick arms. As for the more slender body, the upper body to wear a bit of style, the lower body can choose the style of the skirt, because the thin Man's arms skeleton is small, it is best to choose long sleeves or fluffy sleeves of the design, if you do not like this type of dress, it is recommended that you wear long gloves as decoration, so that the whole person will not

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