Quality Identification Of Socks
Nov 08, 2018

1, the choice of species: the market to sell the main chemical fiber socks (nylon, Cass, thin bullets, etc.), cotton socks and blended, interwoven, wool, real stockings and so on. According to the season and foot sex, winter generally choose nylon socks, towel socks; sweaty feet, cracking feet, choose cotton yarn or blended, interwoven socks; summer wear elastic card stockings, real stockings, etc.; spring and autumn should wear thin bullets, mesh socks and so on.

Women should wear stockings when they wear skirts. 

2, the size of the choice: Socks size specifications are based on the bottom of the socks (the part of the socks to the tip of the socks) as the standard. The general size is marked on the trademark.

According to the length of the foot to choose equal or slightly larger size is good, should not be selected small. 

3, the quality of the choice: according to the internal quality and appearance of quality socks are divided into first-class products, secondary products, third-class products (all qualified products) and Shiping.

General selection of first-class products, the requirements are not high when you can also choose two-grade products, third-class products. 

4, the selection of key parts: I), the choice of socks and socks to large, bag-shaped, as close as possible to the human foot type. Socks heel size, will cause wear after the appearance of stockings droop, socks and slide to socks phenomenon. Purchase can not try to wear, as long as the socks and socks from the center line fold, the general socks and socks compared to 2:3 is appropriate. II), the density of the socks to check: the density of the socks to be large, close to the width of the cross, good resilience. Its elasticity is small, cross-pull is not easy to reset, but also cause socks wear decline one of the reasons. III), check whether the seam head interface is off the needle. General sock seam Head is another process, sewing off the needle, wearing will open mouth. When selecting, take a closer look from the seam head and whether the stitches are smooth off the needle. IV), check whether the hole is broken, broken wire. Because socks are knitwear, there is a certain degree of elongation and elasticity, the general broken wire, small hole is not easy to find. According to the process situation, the shape of the plate socks after easy and other objects into a broken wire or broken hole. So when you buy to check the socks, socks surface of the shaping edge, gently cross to see can be. V), the length of the sock inspection. Because each pair of socks is optional, easy to appear unequal length, the general first-class products should not be less than 0.5cm per double.

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