Socks Shopping Tips
Nov 08, 2018

Socks selection: Socks collar, sock head of the knitting fineness-good socks knitting finer. Stockings: feel-soft, delicate texture. Stockings: Chemical Fiber, spandex, nylon, elastic fiber and so on.

(pantyhose; stockings; seven-point pants-play the role of the abdomen to lift the buttocks; Nine-point pants-without socks, do not often clean, suitable for spring and autumn wear; medium socks; socks.

Polyester Cotton Socks: Contains a small amount of chemical fiber, about 30%. Antibacterial Health socks: to physical action (non-medicinal) to achieve lasting antibacterial, deodorant, psoriasis and so on. Foot massage Socks: Blood, health care. Wuzhishan Socks: Prevention of foot gas. Cotton socks: cotton, sweat absorption, more comfortable.

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