The Role Of Baby Hats
Nov 08, 2018

Small babies 25% of the calories are emitted by the head, the baby's head blood vessels are relatively rich, and in a lighter position, no subcutaneous fat protection, so wearing Yiwu baby hat can maintain a constant body temperature.

If you take your baby out for a walk, it's very important to bring a suitable yiwu baby hat.

The thickness of the baby hat should be thickened with the decrease in temperature, but do not give the baby a hat with a woolly edge, as it will irritate the baby's skin. Summer weather is very hot, should choose a good breathability cover cool hat, it can block the strong sunlight, so that the baby's eyes and skin feel cool and comfortable, outside activities can prevent heatstroke, but also less prickly heat; cold weather in winter, the baby should take a warm and comfortable hat when she goes out or when the temperature at home is low. It can play a role in keeping warm, to prevent the wind after blowing cold colds, to reduce the distribution of heat in the body is also very important; Spring and autumn season cooler weather, to bring a suitable small single hat to the baby is also very necessary.

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